We at the Texas Public Policy Foundation are saddened to learn of the passing of economist Walter E. Williams.

“Walter Williams’s journey from the projects of Philadelphia to a professorship in economics at George Mason University—and becoming one of the most recognized and respected conservative voices of our time—was remarkable,” said TPPF Executive Director Kevin Roberts. “His great gift was communicating complex economic principles in everyday language. Always a cheerful combatant—yet one who would ‘Suffer No Fools,’ as the title of a documentary about him pointed out—Walter was an effective advocate for freedom.”

“There are few people who so eloquently explained how people can prosper—given scarce resources and limited government involvement—than the free market economist Walter Williams,” said TPPF Chief Economist Vance Ginn. “It was a pleasure to read and learn from his many academic publications, commentaries, and books over the years. While it’s a day to mourn his loss, let’s also celebrate his many gifts to us and continue to build on them, so that every person has the best chance to thrive in life—like he did.”