AUSTIN – The Texas Public Policy Foundation released the following statement on the Department of Energy’s new Report on Electricity Markets and Reliability:
“The newly released U.S. Department of Energy report on electricity markets and reliability makes it clear that renewable energy subsidies are contributing significantly to the increasing costs, and the decreasing reliability, of the national electric grid,” said Bill Peacock, vice president for research at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. “Yet the report stops short of making the most obvious recommendations to address this challenge, eliminating the subsidies and forcing renewable energy generators to pay for the costs they impose on the grid because of their intermittency and unreliability.
“Texas and the nation generally have plenty of electricity to keep the lights on and the factories running. But a reliability challenge lays ahead. The solution, though, is not for Texas or the federal government to raise electricity prices to boost generator profits. If Americans want to improve the reliability of the electric grid, lower electricity costs, and increase prosperity, then renewable energy subsidies must be eliminated.”
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 Bill Peacock is the vice president of research and the director of the Center for Economic Freedom at Texas Public Policy Foundation.

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