AUSTIN— Following the committee passage of HB 2, the Texas Public Policy Foundation released the following statements:

Vance Ginn, Ph.D., senior economist and director of the Center for Economic Prosperity:

“We support this measure’s effort to reduce the skyrocketing burden of property taxes that has forced too many Texans out of their homes and businesses. We look forward to the final result providing the greatest reform possible with the goals of a 2.5 percent rollback rate for local tax jurisdictions and a reduction in tax bills for real relief this session.”

Ellen Troxclair, senior fellow of Think Local Liberty:

“The committee-approved draft of House Bill 2 is a great starting point. I applaud the committee for holding firm at the 2.5 percent rollback rate—struggling homeowners and business owners deserve this. While this bill will go a long way to helping make cities and counties more accountable, meaningful tax reform must also include school districts. I remain hopeful that districts will be included in the final product in order to provide lasting relief.”