Following the state of Texas appealing a preliminary injunction announced today which would seek to temporarily prevent Texas from implementing Senate Bill 4, TPPF Secure and Sovereign Frontier Campaign Director Selene Rodriguez issued the following statement: 

“Senate Bill 4 creates new state offenses for entering or re-entering the state illegally from a foreign country and for refusing to comply with an order to return to the foreign country an illegal alien comes from. Further, it allows judges to order an illegal alien to return to the country from which they entered illegally, in lieu of prosecution, or mandates that an order be included in the judgment that the illegal alien return to the foreign country they illegally entered from after completing the term of their imprisonment.

“SB 4 rightfully asserts Texas’ constitutional authority to secure its border with Mexico in light of the federal government’s failure to protect American citizens.” 

“SB 4 is constitutional because it is not in conflict with any existing federal immigration law or court decision and Texas has the constitutional right, authority, and ability to protect and secure its borders and its sovereignty,” said Representative David Spiller. “I will continue to work with the Offices of the Attorney General of Texas and Governor Abbott to have SB 4 upheld and to allow Texans the right to protect Texas, especially when the Biden administration completely fails and refuses to secure our border and to enforce existing federal immigration law.”