Following the unveiling of the House Budget Committee’s Fiscal Year 2025 budget resolution, TPPF Director of Federal Affairs Matt Eagan released the following statement:

“Today, the House Budget Committee will begin advancing its Fiscal Year 2025 budget resolution which aims to get our federal government and our nation back on track—even though the President is over a month late in submitting his budget, which traditionally starts the process. The House is making the correct decision to move forward with their budget in a timely manner and under regular order. Chairman Arrington and the Budget Committee have created a budget aimed to restore fiscal sanity and enact conservative reforms America needs, including:

  1. Balances the budget in ten years without creating new revenues. Washington has a spending problem, they do not need more hard-earned taxpayer dollars.
  2. Supports the enactment of the House’s flagship legislation to secure the border, the Secure the Border Act H.R. 2.
  3. Supports the enactment of the House’s premier energy legislation, H.R. 1 The Lower Energy Costs Act.
  4. Makes the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent.
  5. Repeals President Biden’s unlawful student loan bailout, saving taxpayers $368 billion.
  6. Eliminates the expansion of the IRS by preventing the hiring of 87,000 new agents.
  7. Reduces the deficit by $14.2 trillion over 10 years.

“This budget brings common sense policies to Washington and changes the trajectory of federal spending. By bringing fiscal sanity back to D.C., Texas and Texans will benefit from a nation with long term financial stability, helping ensure that our children and grandchildren do not pay the price for the selfish and reckless decisions that have become regular in our nation’s capital.”