The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s (TPPF) Center for the American Future Attorney Chance Weldon issued the following statement on the Eighth Circuit Court of Davidson County, Tennessee ruling today in Anderson v. The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, that Nashville’s short-term rental ordinance is vague and thus unconstitutional.

 “Like the City of Austin, the City of Nashville rushed to regulate a practice that it didn’t really understand. The result was a poorly crafted law that was unintelligible, unenforceable, and ultimately, unconstitutional,” said Weldon. “The Court’s decision is a victory for the Constitution and common sense. Due Process requires that reasonable property owners be able to decipher what regulations apply to their property.”
In June 2016, TPPF filed a lawsuit to halt the City of Austin’s short-term rental ordinance restricting property owners and guests. TPPF’s Center for the American Future, aided by the Center for Local Governance, represents individual property owners and entrepreneurs in the lawsuit, Zaatari et. al v. City of Austin, et al., which seeks declaratory and injunctive relief from the unconstitutional city ordinance. Earlier this month, the Texas Attorney General intervened in support of the plaintiffs.

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Chance Weldon is an Attorney in the Center for the American Future at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. 

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