Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court vacated the administrative stay by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit allowing the U.S. Border Patrol to resume cutting concertina wire installed by the state of Texas to deter and prevent illegal crossings. The case represents one of the many ways the federal government has over the past three years attempted to undermine Texas’ effort to secure the southern border and protect citizens. 

“Contrary to what the recently filed Department of Homeland Security supplemental brief in the case seems to assume, Border Patrol’s primary responsibility is not to coordinate rescue efforts with the Mexican government but first and foremost to secure and protect the U.S. border from threats,” said former Border Patrol Chief and TPPF Distinguished Senior Fellow Rodney Scott. 

On numerous occasions, the Biden administration has facilitated the removal of barriers and the direct entrance of illegal migrants into the country, including cutting Texas concertina wire. These moves encourage desperate migrants to dangerously cross the Rio Grande and often lead to tragic deaths. 

“DHS is claiming that Texas is preventing Border Patrol from working hand-in-hand with Mexico to help illegal migrants. The pattern of alliance between the Biden and Lopez Obrador administrations is troubling and manifests itself once more in the brief’s ominous remark that ‘Texas’s interposition of its National Guard also complicates and interferes with this Nation’s communications with Mexican officials,’” said Secure & Sovereign Frontier Policy Director Melissa Ford. 

“While the ruling is disappointing, fortunately the case has not been heard on the merits yet,” added Ford. “In the meantime, it is clear President Biden is siding with the Mexican government over Texans, and we must be vigilant in defending the border and its communities.”