Yesterday, the Biden Administration outlined its comprehensive Executive Order targeting the development of artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology. The order details broad actions that agencies and the administration will take to address concerns of national security, data privacy, workforce displacement, consumer protection, and more.  

“While many of the principles and goals outlined in this order are laudable, upon scrutiny, it is not clear how they will be accomplished and by whom. When something with so much time invested in it is this opaque, one can safely assume this opacity serves a goal—to give the administration a tool to regulate and set the stage for a new government agency,” said TPPF’s David Dunmoyer. “Much like Obamacare years ago, this is a road to regulatory hell paved with good intentions.”  

“If you ask industry, many want clear rules of the road to responsibly innovate. This executive order further muddies the waters,” said TPPF’s Zach Whiting. “What’s more, going through Washington is not the right route—Congress continues to drag its feet on meaningful technology policy reforms. Texas is already leading the way on technology policy in areas like data privacy, kids’ online safety, broadband, and establishing an A.I. advisory council. In addition to publishing a forthcoming landmark white paper, TPPF looks forward to working with legislators next session to provide clear guardrails within which specific industries can responsibly innovate, animated by transparency, accountability, and upholding human dignity.”