The Texas Public Policy Foundation praised the introduction of the “Saving American History Act of 2021” by U.S. SenTom Cotton of Arkansas. The bill would prohibit federal funds from being used by public elementary and secondary schools to teach the New York Times’ “1619 Project,” which claims that slavery is the foundation of America’s success in the world.  

“Teaching the 1619 Project in public schools is state-funded racism, plain and simple,” said TPPF Distinguished Senior Fellow Thomas Lindsay. “It is a fiction-based attempt at revisionist history intended to indoctrinate future generations with radical leftwing propaganda. We strongly support Senator Cotton’s effort to protect students from this thoroughly debunked narrative, as well as ensuring taxpayers aren’t paying the bill for it. Schools should be teaching a complete and honest history of America’s founding – failures, triumphs, and all – based on the true principles that made our country a beacon of freedom throughout the world.”