AUSTIN— Today, the Texas Commission on Public School Finance adopted its final report that includes recommendations to the Texas Legislature. The report has ideas for property tax reform, repurposing existing taxpayer funding to improve student outcomes, and incenting school leaders to adopt practices that will improve student results.

“Higher state or local taxes aren’t needed to improve student outcomes across Texas, nor is significant additional new education spending,” said Kara Belew senior education policy advisor at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. “School boards and superintendents should focus on student results at every school. The Commission recognized that student results can be improved by strategically repurposing existing tax dollars to pay our effective teachers higher salaries.” 

The 86th Texas Legislature convenes Jan. 8, 2019, and possesses immense opportunity to enact real reforms that could positively improve the lives of all Texans.

“Texans want and deserve real relief from skyrocketing property taxes – which means reducing their property tax payment,” said Vance Ginn, director of the Center for Economic Prosperity and senior economist. “The Commission’s recommendation to use projected revenue growth without new taxes to fund education and provide property tax relief fits nicely with the Foundation’s plan to make taxpayers a priority in the budget process while covering efficient spending in education and other legislative priorities.”