New research from the Texas Public Policy Foundation reveals that there is no conclusive evidence that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones help children overcome gender dysphoria or improve their psychological well-being. There is far more evidence that these procedures emotionally and physically harm the children they are supposed to help, creating irreversible side effects and failing to alleviate dysphoria, depression, and other anxiety disorders. The new research, “Do No Harm: Children And The Transgender Movement,”  strongly supports state-level efforts to prevent the performance of sex reassignment procedures and treatments on children and classifying them as prohibited medical practices.

“Any unbiased, objective examination of the available studies on the use of gender modifying procedures, chemicals, and surgeries shows there is little proof they help children overcome gender dysphoria,” said Andrew Brown, distinguished senior fellow at TPPF. “And because there is no conclusive evidence they work, in many ways, these procedures and off-label use of puberty blockers and sex reassignment surgeries are effectively experiments, using children as test subjects.”

“It is a depraved and unconscionable act on the part of some in the medical field – not to mention radical leftwing activists – to lure confused and fearful parents into believing this will help their children, especially when there are other proven options, like counseling, that do help,” Brown added. “That’s why the United Kingdom and a number of other European countries who had led the way in promoting these therapies are now pulling back and restricting doctors from performing these procedures.”

”Medical research indicates minors do not possess the critical thinking and decision-making required to fully understand the long-term ramifications of cross-sex hormones and gender transitioning surgical procedures. And while Texas has taken some action to protect children from these dangerous and unproven practices, it is incumbent upon the State to pass legislation during the 88th Legislative Session to put these protections into law,” said Texas Rep. Matt Krause. “As we learned during the Second-called Special Session, there is enough legislative support to prevent physicians and healthcare providers from preforming gender reassignment modifications to minors thus ensuring the health and safety of children in Texas.”

“My team and I are grateful the Texas Public Policy Foundation has taken the initiative to research the gender modification pandemic amongst children in Texas and our nation,” said Mary Elizabeth Castle, Senior Policy Advisor for Texas Values. “This recent study renders very practical solutions. Every person in the faith, family, or child advocacy spaces should read this paper in order to be informed on the issue and to help our state find a solution to end the horrific practice of altering a child’s natural body.”

“The correct approach taken by some states, such as Arkansas and Tennessee and proposed during the regular session of the 87th Texas Legislature, is to restrict the procedures themselves and subject healthcare providers who perform them to liability,” said Brown. “That would be an effective, narrowly tailored approach that avoids causing unnecessary harm to children and families.”