AUSTIN – The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Center for Economic Freedom today released a paper by Center Director Bill Peacock and Research Associate Cody Ross on the Texas Enterprise Fund. The paper, The Texas Enterprise Fund, is part of the Foundation’s series, Spotlight on State and Local Government.
“Corporate welfare has been the subject of significant debate both in Texas and nationally,” said Peacock. “It is encouraging that Texas taking a step in the right direction to pare back some of this funding.”
The Texas Enterprise Fund was created in 2003 “to help attract new jobs and investment in this state.” Since this time, the TEF has allocated about $577 million dollars to various projects. Funding for the TEF in fiscal years 2016-17 is $90 million, down from $119 million in the previous budget cycle.
“The state auditor has already looked into the TEF and its projects,” said Ross. “What we are trying to do is put a spotlight on some of the key points of this program to help educate the general public.”
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Bill Peacock is vice president of research and director of the Center for Economic Freedom at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.  
Cody Ross is a research associate for the Center for Economic Freedom at the Texas Public Policy Foundation

The Texas Public Policy Foundation is a non-profit, free-market research institute based in Austin, Texas.

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