AUSTIN – Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Armstrong Center for Energy and the Environment released "Overview of the Proposed FERC Grid Resiliency Pricing Rule" by Bill Peacock. The paper provides an overview of the reliability challenges of the U.S. electric grid, the flaws of theproposed rule, and the path forward for improving the reliability and security of America’s electric grid.
“The proposed grid resiliency pricing rule will force consumers to pay more for electricity,” said Peacock. “Yet giving subsidies to coal and nuclear generators will not solve the problems caused by current subsidies to wind and solar generators. Instead, the path forward to ensure a reliable and affordable supply of electricity is to let markets work by eliminating subsidies for renewable energy and reducing excessive regulations like the EPA’s Clean Power Plan that are pushing coal and nuclear generation off of the grid.”
The Foundation’s research highlights that the proposal ignores the fact that current subsidies to wind and solar generators, along with excessive environmental regulations on carbon dioxide and other emissions, are the primary reason for the reliability challenges we do face. Despite the claim in the proposed rule that energy markets don’t work, they do—Texas’ competitive electricity market with a reliable supply of affordable electricity for the next decade is the best example of this.

Peacock continued, “Texas consumers faced a similar battle 2012 to 2014 when they pushed against a $4 billion-a-year electricity taxproposed out of fears that Texas was running out of electricity. But the tax was defeated, and forecasts show  Texas has an adequate supply of electricity for at least the next decade.”
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Bill Peacock is vice president of research at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.