The Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) released a paper examining the U.S immigration system in Texas. Authored for TPPF by Katherine Fidler, Ph.D., the paper, The Inefficient U.S. Immigration System: A Texas Perspective, examines the breakdowns within the U.S. immigration system and recommends state-based solutions.

“The current visa system has proven woefully inadequate for those persons seeking lawful entry to the United States,” said Fidler. “An unintended consequence of an overburdened immigration system is an increase in unauthorized immigration. The strain placed on state and federal infrastructure is significant and the concern about the impact of unauthorized immigration demonstrated by residents in these areas is understandable. Consequently, we are left with an environment in which it is difficult for anyone to discern where the primary failures in the current system are located.” Fidler continued, “Enforcement of existing immigration laws is extraordinarily important. The ability of immigration courts to efficiently determine whether or not a person can be granted relief from removal constitutes a crucial component of the enforcement of these laws.”

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