Today the Texas Public Policy Foundation released the threshold number for the 2022-23 Conservative Texas Budget in a live event and released a paper on the topic. The Conservative Texas Budget is an approach to the state budget limiting its growth so spending doesn’t outpace Texans’ ability to pay for it. Measured in terms of population growth plus inflation, the Conservative Texas Budget establishes a maximum threshold for growth in the state’s initial appropriations.

For the 2022-23 state budget that percentage is 5% for a total appropriation of $246.8 Billion.

“The Conservative Texas Budget is an effective maximum threshold for prioritizing the taxpayer in the state budget process as every dollar spent comes out of the pocket of Texans,” said TPPF’s Chief Economist Vance Ginn, Ph.D. “Since this approach was implemented ahead of the 2015 legislative session, budgets have grown less than half the rate of the five prior state budgets. This trend should continue for the 2022-23 Texas budget especially as many families are recovering from the recession due to COVID-19 and government lockdowns.”

Others expressed support for the Conservative Texas Budget approach.

“Our communities across the state are first and foremost focused on providing for their families. To ensure that’s possible in these difficult times, we are taking a hard look at our own budgets and making the cuts necessary to survive. Likewise, the Texas Legislature should continue the hard work they’ve previously shown in adopting a fiscally responsible state budget. Our community members look forward to working with them in securing another win for taxpayers,”  said LIBRE Initiative Coalitions Director Jorge Martinez.

“With Texas businesses and families taking a significant financial hit as a result of the unprecedented pandemic, what matters most is ensuring they can make ends meet. The last thing Texans want – or can afford—is to have more of their hard-earned paychecks taken away.  For several budget cycles, Texas leaders have fought hard to limit government growth.  Our activists thank them for their leadership and encourage that responsible trend to continue,” said Americans For Prosperity- Texas Policy Director Samuel Sheetz.