AUSTIN – Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation released a radio ad calling for the end of government collection of union dues.

The ad identifies ending the practice of dues collection by state and local government entities as a part of comprehensive conservative reform that is possible during this special legislative session. It is currently playing in Austin and will soon be on the air in other key Texas markets.


The ad makes four simple, easy-to-understand points:

  • It is not the role of government for the state to collect the membership dues of state employees for labor unions. 
  • The state should not be the revenue collector for any private organization.
  • Unions can collect their own dues directly from their members, just like any other organization can.
  • Unions need to stop relying on Texas to do their work for them.

“This is a freedom issue, as government employees should be guaranteed the right to free association,” said Dr. Kevin Roberts, executive vice president of TPPF. “Labor Unions mix policy advocacy and political advocacy and do so with little transparency in how they use these dollars collected by the state. Taxpayers dollars should simply not be directed for this purpose.”


To listen to the ad visit:

Dr. Kevin Roberts is the executive vice president of Texas Public Policy Foundation.