Following President Biden’s State of the Union address, Texas Public Policy Foundation Director of Federal Affairs Matt Eagan issued the following statement:

“President Biden inherited a border that was the most secure it had been in generations. He campaigned on squandering American sovereignty to appease the open-border ideologues who pollute the Democrat Party.

“To the delight of violent South American gangs, drug traffickers, human traffickers, and Chinese nationals – he delivered. His appeasement of anarchy on our southern and increasingly northern border has resulted in at least 10 million illegal entries since inauguration day. This is in addition to the over 1 million gotaways.

“Fiscal year 2024 has already seen an astonishing 6,400 illegal aliens detained at the border with criminal records. Biden’s open border has killed countless Americans. We’ve all heard of the tragedy of Laken Riley in recent days. Unfortunately, due to the president’s resistance to enforce the law that he already has the authority to, without congressional approval, Aiden Clark, Kayla Hamilton, Maria Gonzalez, Melissa and Riordan Powell, Shannon Patricia Jungwirth, Mario Alberto Trejo Estrada, and Jorge Alexander Reyes-Jungwirth are just a handful of the recent names who had their lives abruptly cut short, and in some instances murdered in cold blood, at the hands of an illegal alien. As families mourn, the president plays political theater.

“Refusing to acknowledge the fact that the same power that allowed him to revoke the border security measures that were in place during the prior administration currently exists for him to simply reinstate those policies and secure the border, he refuses to do so. The House even passed H.R 2, a common-sense measure that not only seals the border but ends the deadly catch-and-release policies that are flooding American communities of all sizes with unvetted foreign nationals. The recently squashed Senate border bill didn’t end catch-and-release; it codified it into law.

“With election day months away and his poll numbers in free fall, President Biden is blaming everyone but himself. This deadly crisis is because of the actions he took on day one, and he can take steps today to correct it. This is not a political issue; this is a matter of life and death for American sovereignty and the literal lives of Americans themselves. The president must act immediately.”