AUSTIN – Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation released a recovery plan for Texas in response to the coronavirus pandemic.  

In this unprecedented and rapidly changing epidemic, state and local officials must act swiftly to implement the measures outlined in the Foundation’s Recovery Agenda to protect Texas’ vibrant economy and the families, employers and employees who call this great state home,” said Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Executive Director Kevin Roberts, Ph.D. “It is important during this time of uncertainty that our elected leaders look forward to ensure a prosperous recovery period for Texans.”  

The plan highlights key policy areas where state and local officials can take action to lessen the burden for Texans. 

These recommendations include:  

  1. Cut the payroll tax.  
  2. Overhaul the FDA. 
  3. Eliminate regulations not necessary for public health and safety.  
  4. Enforce state property tax reforms.  
  5. Enable virtual education for K-12.  
  6. Increase telemedicine options.  
  7. Request a Medicaid waiver to increase health care options.  
  8. Allow physicians to dispense and deliver medication. 
  9. Purchase medications at the cash rate.  
  10. Put a hold on all non-essential government debt.  
  11. Protect individual liberties and prevent the expansion of government.  

To read the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Recovery Agenda in full, please visit: