AUSTIN— Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation published the research paper, The Broad-Based Preemption Spark: Mandatory Paid Sick Leave.

“Big government schemes threaten to upend the Texas Model and replace it with a California-style Nightmare,” said Think Local Liberty’s Director James Quintero. “The State Legislature must rein in local officials before they fully erode the low tax, limited government model that has made Texas the envy of the nation.”

“The courts have made clear, mandatory paid sick leave laws are unconstitutional and local governments do not have the authority to force such requirements. Following the Third Court of Appeals’ decisive ruling, the Legislature should act now to preempt local governments from attempting to regulate any condition of employment,” said Think Local Liberty’s Policy Analyst Shelby Sterling.

Key Points:

  • The Texas Minimum Wage Act preempts local regulations that require private employers to pay their employees more than the federal minimum wage.
  • Research shows that mandatory paid sick leave ordinances do not achieve their intended purpose of allowing employees to take time off when they are sick.
  • The cost and consequences of mandating paid sick leave negatively affect employers, employees, and consumers.

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