Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation published the paper Sources Say A Career in Journalism Is a Coin Flip.

To inform policymakers and help students and their parents make more informed decisions about which college programs are worth the debt, the Texas Public Policy Foundation has created a debt-to-earnings test called Gainful Employment Equivalent (GEE) which compares the earnings of recent graduates with the typical borrower’s student loan debt to determine if students can afford their student loan payments.

“For the field of journalism, 41% of programs pass this debt-to-earnings test, and 52% of journalism graduates attend these programs,” said Andrew Gillen, Ph.D., senior policy analyst with the Texas Public Policy Foundation. “However, 13% of journalism programs fail the test, and 8% of graduates attend these programs. Students should think twice about enrolling in one of these failing programs, and policymakers should consider ending taxpayer subsidies for them.”

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