AUSTIN — Today the Texas Public Policy Foundation praised Governor Greg Abbott’s letter to the Public Utility Commission urging decisive action to promote reliable electricity.

“After Texas suffered through widespread blackouts in February, the legislature responded with Senate Bill 3 which was an important first step in making sure Texans have reliable electricity— but it was only a first step. Now, the Public Utility Commission must follow through with real reforms that encourage building reliable thermal generation,” said Jason Isaac, director of TPPF’s Life:Powered project. “We’re grateful for Governor Abbott’s call for the PUC to place the cost of unreliable electricity on the generators that cause it, instead of on Texans who don’t deserve that burden. This will reverse the artificial advantage created by decades of bad policy decisions that have propped up unreliable renewable energy and instead encourage growth of reliable thermal generation to sustain our growing population and economy.”

TPPF and Life:Powered were leading voices championing strong grid reforms in the 87th Legislative Session.