This week, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) released its Summer 2022 Seasonal Assessment, demonstrating their confidence in the ability of the state’s power grid to meet peak demand. While the grid should be able to meet summer power demands this year, it does not change the need for changes to the ERCOT market design to ensure Texans always have access to the energy they need.

In the Council’s own assessment, wind and solar are expected to provide 24 percent of electricity generation during peak demand hours, leaving Texans vulnerable if power generators go offline. A “firming” requirement, designed to ensure all electric generators can provide power when Texans need it most, is a necessary reform to ensure the reliability of the state’s energy grid.

“As millions of Texans who suffered through the February blackouts learned firsthand, market-distorting policies that incentivize the overbuilding of wind and solar at the expense of reliable generators and weather resiliency measures are stretching the ERCOT grid to its breaking point,” said Brent Bennett, policy director for TPPF’s Life:Powered Initiative. “In order to maintain affordable and reliable electricity for all Texans over the next decade, the Public Utility Commission must implement a strong statewide reliability standard to ensure all electric generators can provide power when Texans need it most. This reform will help ensure the best possible balance of low costs and reliability for ratepayers.”