AUSTIN—Today, a San Antonio State District Judge approved an agreement that delays the implementation of San Antonio’s mandatory paid sick leave policy until December 1. The Court’s decision today provides business owners with more time to ready for the new requirements as well as press their legal case. However, despite this delay, constitutional concerns still surround San Antonio’s mandate, which is nearly identical to one passed by the City of Austin. Austin’s sick leave ordinance was declared unconstitutional by the Texas Court of Appeals late last year.

“One-size-fits-all mandates are bad for business and, in this case, are unconstitutional,” said Think Local Liberty’s Shelby Sterling.

Sterling continued: “Paid sick leave mandates interfere with the employer-employee relationship—a relationship that is best left negotiated between the two parties. Local governments have no business in this area. The Court’s decision to approve the delay agreement is commendable, but it’s critical that this overreaching ordinance never be fully implemented.”