Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation released its mini-documentary on the homelessness crisis, with a focus on how a “People First” approach will help support the homeless to heal, grow, thrive and realize their full potential.

Rather than governments just providing taxpayer-funded subsidized housing as a solution to homelessness, effective public policy will address the diseases that underlie it, largely mental illness and addiction. By linking treatment with housing and with accountability, policymakers will take meaningful steps to reverse the growing homelessness crisis.

“It starts by putting people first, providing them with an opportunity to heal and to grow. Excluding them from accountability does not support them in this process.”

“People and the systems designed to help them can flourish only where accountability exists. Until we demand that accountability be instilled at every level of the homeless systems, these systems, and the people they are there to help, will continue to struggle.  Most people won’t change when they see the light. Most people will change when they feel the heat,” said TPPF Senior Fellow Michele Steeb.

Click here to watch the new video.