AUSTIN— Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation published the policy perspective, Small Business Owners Speak: Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Hurts More Than It Helps.

“Several city governments across Texas have interfered with the relationship between employers and employees by passing ordinances forcing businesses to provide paid sick leave as a benefit,” said Grace Watson, legislative fellow with the Texas Public Policy Foundation. “This intrusion has been especially harmful to small business owners, who rarely have accountants, attorneys, or human resources managers to help them navigate through the jumbled mix of local labor law regulations.”

Key Points:

  • Several Texas cities have passed mandatory paid sick leave ordinances.
  • Small business owners say the ordinances will harm their ability to keep their lights on and pay their employees.
  • Business owners are in favor of providing benefits to their employees. What they oppose is a government mandate.
  • City governments have passed the ordinances despite business owners expressing their concern and opposition.
  • State-level legislation that would pre-empt these ordinances failed to pass.

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