Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation launched a statewide radio ad campaign focusing on restoring parental rights in education. The pandemic exposed many parents to the reality that they don’t have the control over their children’s education they believed they had, and that in too many instances school officials pursue an agenda parents feel is not in the interest of their children.

“From school closures to mask mandates, inappropriate materials in libraries to the racist CRT-ideology in classrooms, parents are voicing deep concerns over how schools are run and the content and quality of class instruction,” said TPPF K-12 Policy Director Michael Barba. “But rather than taking their concerns seriously, many school officials silenced or ignored parents. Some parents were even arrested trying to speak out and protest these policies. That’s wrong and the law needs to do a better job protecting the rights of parents to be the decision maker when it comes to their child’s education.”

The radio ads are part of a larger Parent Empowerment campaign by TPPF which includes a statewide tour, widespread promotion of new research, commentaries, and social media, the launch of a new website, as well as building a large coalition of activist groups and individuals to support a parent empowerment agenda in the 88th Texas Legislative Session.

The ad will run statewide in nearly a dozen markets for several weeks.

The full script of “TX Parents Matter:”

VO: Texas education has been rocked by school closures, critical race theory in classrooms, and disrespectful school boards.

Students are falling behind. Parents are frustrated by what’s happening to their children.

They deserve to know what’s being taught in schools and make the decision that is best for their kids.

Join the Texas Public Policy Foundation in the fight to restore parental rights.

Go to to get more information about events in your area and how to stay involved.  

That’s Because in Texas, Parents Matter!