Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation is proud to announce the launch of its new conservative commentary website, The Cannon Online.

“Increasingly over the last four years, conservative ideas have been held captive by leftist legacy media,” said TPPF’s Executive Director Kevin Roberts. “Editors wielded their power to prevent the dissemination of our ideas and policy positions to their readers. No more. Our ideas are too important to wait on the space and sympathy of legacy news outlets. The Cannon Online is our answer with the intent of amplifying conservative writers and ideas to keep Texas Texas and America the most free and prosperous nation in the history of the world.”

The Cannon Online will feature exclusive content from TPPF experts and other conservative writers. The content of The Cannon Online is available for republication with proper attribution. Roy Maynard is the editor of The Cannon Online. Sarah Silberstein is the managing editor.