AUSTIN—Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation launched a second statewide, six-figure radio and digital campaign within a week. This new campaign calls for the end of massive corporate tax breaks for solar and wind projects that threaten the reliability of the electric grid through Chapter 312 agreements. The buy includes major media markets across the state.

TPPF is a leading voice against this form of corporate cronyism and has traveled across the state to give voice to the citizens affected by these solar and wind sweetheart deals. These Texans are left bearing the tax burden when the promises of these projects don’t materialize.

Listen to the radio ad here:

Watch the story of Texans affected by these projects here:

Ad Script

VO (Chuck DeVore, vice president of national initiatives):

Many Texans struggle to pay property taxes.

But lobbyists are in Austin right now and they want your money for massive corporate property tax breaks for renewable energy projects.

That’s a billion dollars that could be used for schools, police and fire.

These projects, known as Chapter 312 agreements, never create jobs that are promised, but local taxpayers still pay for them.

Let’s end Chapter 312 agreements. Call your legislators to let them know you oppose 312 agreements