AUSTIN –The Texas Public Policy Foundation today launched the Fueling Freedom Project, led by former Virginia Secretary of Natural Resources Doug Domenech, to build a coalition to combat the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan, which represents a federal takeover of the entire U.S. system of electric generation. The Fueling Freedom Project is a comprehensive, national campaign to fundamentally change the nature of America’s debate on energy and to push back against the EPA’s onerous regulatory agenda that threatens America’s economy, prosperity, and well-being.

“The energy sector stands at the threshold of global impact for good that would expand prosperity, geopolitical stability, and well-being around the globe—but for misguided activists intent on supplanting fossil fuels at all costs,” said Foundation President and CEO Brooke Rollins. “As the nation’s top fossil fuel producer, Texas is the nexus for this crucial debate, and the Fueling Freedom Project will lead the way to advance common-sense energy policies throughout the nation.” 

“Energy is at a crossroads. The energy choices we make in the next few years will define the course of our nation for the rest of the century—and will define the fate of the impoverished for generations,” said Distinguished Senior Fellow-in-Residence and the Director at the Armstrong Center for Energy & the Environment Kathleen Hartnett White. “The Fueling Freedom Project will advance the moral choice in America’s energy decisions.”

"The Fueling Freedom Project is unique," said Domenech. "It is an outgrowth of the Foundation's Center on the 10th Amendment and Center on Energy and the Environment. The project will redefine the public conversation around fossil fuels, and especially their positive role in society. In addition we will build a multi-state coalition to push back against the Federal Environmental Protection Agency's legal overreach with the Administration's Clean Power Plan."

Brooke L. Rollins is president and CEO of the Texas Public Policy Foundation. 
Doug Domenech is Director of the Fueling Freedom Project at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Domenech most recently served as Secretary of Natural Resources for the Commonwealth of Virginia and served as White House Liaison and deputy chief of staff at the U.S. Department of the Interior.
Kathleen Hartnett White is a distinguished senior fellow-in-residence and the director of the Armstrong Center for Energy & the Environment. Former Chairman for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (2001-2007).

The Texas Public Policy Foundation is a non-profit, free-market research institute based in Austin, Texas.

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