The Texas Public Policy Foundation has joined Project 2025, a national effort to unite the conservative movement around a set of principles and policy proposals that will drive the next presidential administration. The project is focused on four major goals: developing and publishing a wide array of federal policy reforms, building a database of individuals who could serve in the next administration, training those who will implement the agenda, and creating a playbook for the first 180 days to reverse much of the damage done by the Biden Administration. To date, the project has more than 50 members of the coalition. TPPF will play a role in helping to promote the project, identify conservatives who would be interested in being in the next administration, and constructing the tactics and methods for the next president’s team to hit the ground running.

“Every day the Biden Administration gives us another example of the importance of preparing to undo the disastrous policies that have hurt millions of Americans, made us look weak throughout the world, and decimated our national security and sovereignty,” said TPPF CEO Greg Sindelar. “We as a movement must start coming together now to develop the people, policies, and playbook that will urgently return America to its place as the strongest, freest, most prosperous country in the world. Experience has shown that won’t happen unless we start acting long before the next president takes office. There is a lot of work we can do in advance to ensure we are making the most of the first 180 days of the next administration.”

Throughout 2023, Project 2025 will publish its policy agenda, develop and launch a “conservative LinkedIn,” tour the country to promote the agenda, and build the tactics and strategies to urgently implement the policies in the next administration.

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