Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation asked to intervene in an election integrity lawsuit, representing the election administrators of Medina and Real counties responsible for voter registration. TPPF has filed to defend Senate Bill 1111, a commonsense requirement that voters use their home address to indicate the appropriate location in which they can vote, as opposed to using a P.O. Box or workplace address. SB 1111 passed in the regular legislative session.

“TPPF joins this lawsuit on behalf of our clients to defend this Texas election integrity requirement against Plaintiffs’ effort to subvert the policy choices of the Texas Legislature through this frivolous lawsuit,” said Robert Henneke, TPPF’s general counsel.

“SB 1111 is an important addition to the Election Code that ensures that voters are registered in the correct precinct,” said Chad Ennis, senior fellow for TPPF’s Election Protection Project. “Texans are tired of the continual attacks on election integrity, and we look forward to defending this bill.”

To read the full motion, please go here.