AUSTIN – Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation filed an amicus brief on supporting the Texas Attorney General’s filing with the Texas Supreme Court asking the Court to order county election officials to follow the state’s vote-by-mail laws.

“Texas law specifically outlines who may vote by mail and under what conditions,” said Robert Henneke, general counsel at TPPF. “Not only is the law clear, but the Attorney General has given specific direction that a handful of local election officials refuse to follow. The county officials who seek to disregard state law and allow unlimited mail voting threaten the integrity of our upcoming elections and risk disenfranchising the votes of all Texans.

Texas election law limits who may vote by mail to those age 65 and older, persons with a sickness or disability, those who will be outside their home county during early voting and election day, and those confined to jail but otherwise eligible to vote. The Attorney General’s office has advised that fear of contracting coronavirus does not fall into any of the stated categories.