Instead of tackling the real causes of violent crime, the Biden administration has declared war on firearm dealers across the country, revoking their licenses for inadvertent paperwork errors rather than actual illegal activity. Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation, representing Central Texas Gun Works, announced a new lawsuit to combat the attacks on lawful gun shops, and stop the federal government’s unlawful use of the Gun Control Act.

“The Biden administration’s new policy is simply unlawful under the very statute that it purports to enforce. The law only allows revocations for ‘willful’ violations; that doesn’t include inadvertent clerical mistakes,” said Matt Miller, Senior Attorney for TPPF’s Center for the American Future. “Businesses that commit clerical mistakes are not ‘rogue firearm dealers.’ This new ATF policy is simply an instrument of Biden’s anti-gun agenda, in clear violation of federal law, demonstrated by the over 500% increase in license revocations since he took office.”

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