Washington D.C. – The Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) today endorsed the joint U.S.-Mexico decision to temporarily restrict travel between the two countries to only essential trade and commerce.

“In the face of the Chinese coronavirus, the health and safety of American citizens must be paramount,” said TPPF Executive Director Kevin Roberts. “This is a prudent measure that limits the negative impact on our economy as much as possible. We encourage the Administration and policymakers to explore expanding border-travel restrictions as appropriate — especially in light of the Mexican federal government’s slow response to this crisis.” 

Roberts noted that one in five jobs in Texas is supported by trade, and at the port of Laredo alone 14,000 18-wheelers cross the border each day with $1 billion in trade.

Last year, the Texas Public Policy Foundation added border security to its research and advocacy agenda. In October of 2019, the organization launched the Border Security Coalition, which includes 20 top conservative leaders representing tens of millions of supporters nationwide, including the Heritage Foundation, FreedomWorks, the American Principles Project, the American Family Association and the 60-Plus Association, among others.