The Texas Public Policy Foundation welcomes Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s realization that the crisis at the Southern Border is a “very significant” issue, as well as calling on the federal government to help states manage the massive influx of migrants overwhelming their finite resources.

TPPF, which has built a Border Security Coalition comprised of border security experts and other prominent policy specialists from across the country, has long supported common sense policies that will ease the humanitarian crisis at the southern border. However, Mayor Bowser has it wrong on who exactly is to blame for migrants moving into the U.S. and their incentives for making the often dangerous journey.

“Texas hasn’t ‘tricked’ the migrants heading north,” said John Hostettler, vice president of federal affairs for TPPF’s States Trust initiative. “It is the Biden administration who has fooled potential asylum seekers into believing that making the dangerous journey will result in them receiving special status to stay in America. In truth, the vast majority of asylum claims are ultimately denied.”

“If Mayor Bowser would like to stop the influx of migrants into her city, she should instead join the calls to fix the root cause of illegal migration: an administration that encourages illegal crossings and refuses to secure the border.”