Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation published the paper The Long and Winding Road: Improving Outcomes for Children Through CPS Court Reform.

“Removing a child from their family is one of the most devastating actions the state can take against its citizens, and the power to permanently sever the relationship between a parent and child should only be exercised when the state has the most solid and substantial justification,” said Andrew Brown, distinguished senior fellow of child and family policy at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

“The interest at stake in child protection cases requires courts to exercise the utmost caution. Given the complexity of these cases and the potential life-shattering consequences, courts have the high duty to ensure children are not needlessly subjected to the trauma of removal into foster care or permanent separation from their families. It is equally important for courts with jurisdiction over child protection cases to fulfill their constitutional role as guardians of the rights of families against abuse at the hands of government as it is for them to protect children against abuse at the hands of a caregiver.”

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