AUSTIN—Today, the 225th Judicial District Court granted a temporary injunction preventing the controversial San Antonio mandatory paid sick leave ordinance from taking effect on Dec. 1.

“I congratulate the San Antonio business community on their win stopping the unconstitutional San Antonio paid sick leave ordinance from being enforced,” said Robert Henneke, general counsel at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. “The state district court was correct to step in to protect business owners and workers from the city taking away their ability to negotiate the benefits that best work for them. San Antonio should now consider repealing this ordinance before it is struck down by the Texas Supreme Court.”

The suit which was brought against the city by a dozen local firms and business groups claimed the ordinance violates the state’s minimum wage law. This argument was successful in the suit brought against the City of Austin’s paid sick leave ordinance by the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

Read the court’s findings in the San Antonio case here: