Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation congratulated its CEO Kevin Roberts for being selected as The Heritage Foundation’s next president. Under Roberts’ leadership, TPPF has grown its influence in numerous policy issues not only within Texas but at the national level.

Roberts successfully steered the organization through the past three legislative sessions, coming away with historic reforms, such as lowering property taxes, securing Texas’ election system, and passing responsible state budgets. During Roberts’ tenure as CEO, TPPF opened a branch in Washington, D.C., known as States Trust, to effectively advocate for national criminal justice, energy, immigration, and health care policy, to name a few. Under Roberts, TPPF has significantly grown its ability to influence policymaking at the federal, state, and local levels, increased its portfolio of issues, and dramatically expanded its communications operation.

“We are both saddened by Kevin’s departure and joyful at what this opportunity means for him and the future of the conservative movement,” said TPPF Executive Director Greg Sindelar, who will succeed Roberts as the head of the foundation. “It is a tremendous compliment to TPPF that an organization like Heritage recognizes the impact we’ve had and the leadership we’ve provided in Texas and to the conservative movement. Kevin’s well-deserved ascension to Heritage comes at a particularly important time for our country, which stands at a crossroads between maintaining America as a beacon of freedom and prosperity or going down a dark path to authoritarian socialism. TPPF looks forward to standing alongside Heritage in advancing our shared values of individual liberty, free enterprise, and opportunity for all.”