Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation commends Sen. Brian Birdwell and the Texas House for their leadership in helping secure the Texas-Mexico border. These pieces of legislation are geared toward providing the state with the tools necessary to better ensure the safety of Texans, in the face of federal government failure.

Senate Bill 2424 would help create a new enforcement mechanism, making it a state crime to enter Texas illegally. The other pieces of legislation would create a state Border Protection Unit, provide resources for communities hit hardest by the border crisis, and create a legislative oversight committee to provide further recommendations for the state’s border security policies.

“Securing the Texas-Mexico border is exceptionally important — in fact, one of the most-important things a Texas legislator can do in this session. In this light, the House border-bills package is exactly what Texas needs: bold, focused, and effective,” said TPPF Chief of Intelligence and Research Joshua Treviño. “I’m thrilled to see this level of innovative policy leadership from the House, and I look forward to working with Texas legislators and officeholders to see the whole package become law.”

“Senator Brian Birdwell has filed SB 2424, creating a state crime for persons trying to enter the state of Texas illegally. This bill empowers our state to take the reins and fight to protect our border and people, since the federal government has relinquished its constitutionally assigned duty to do so,” said Melissa Ford Maldonado, policy director for TPPF’s Secure and Sovereign Texas campaign. “Thank you, Senator Birdwell, for stepping up to lead. I look forward to seeing SB 2424 lead to a safer Texas, by holding those who undermine our rule of law accountable.”