The Texas Public Policy Foundation released the following statement on SB28, legislation that would support charter schools in Texas:

“Charter schools bring opportunity and hope to families across Texas, closing persistent achievement gaps and giving thousands of students the chance to receive a high-quality education,” said TPPF Senior Policy Director Emily Sass. “Just as charters don’t discriminate against the students who walk through their doors, cities shouldn’t be allowed to discriminate against the operation of charter schools. Local politics shouldn’t stand in the way of family needs.

“SB 28 provides important clarity from the state on the relationship between municipalities and charter schools. As charter districts continue to serve communities under state authorization, this bill ensures they will receive equal treatment from local jurisdictions, also authorized by the state,” Sass added.

“It also significantly improves the Texas charter school application process. The charter application process is extensive and rigorous. SB 28 would give the State Board of Education the ability to consider appeals from select charter applicants following consideration by an independent review board. This provides an additional layer of consideration in the independent review process, and involves the SBOE more constructively in the charter approval process.”