Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation applauds the passage of House Bill 2127. Texas is currently running under a patchwork of inconsistent regulations, and this is harming business growth and often comes into conflict with the rights of private citizens. This legislation seeks to establish regulatory consistency across the state by precluding municipalities and counties from adopting or enforcing excessive and inconsistent regulations.

“House Bill 2127 provides a consistent regulatory system and increased compliance by ensuring that the state of Texas, not municipalities, is the exclusive regulatory authority over specified areas of state commerce,” said Rod Bordelon, TPPF distinguished senior fellow for regulatory affairs. “This important legislation will preempt, and make unenforceable, city ordinances that duplicate and add to regulations already imposed by the State of Texas. We applaud Rep. Dustin Burrows and Sen. Brandon Creighton for their unwavering commitment to small businesses across Texas.”