Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation released the following statement in defiance of President Biden’s new rule that mandates private businesses with more than 100 employees require their employees get vaccinated from the COVID-19 virus: 

“Employers should refuse to comply with President Biden’s unconstitutional national vaccine mandate,” said TPPF’s CEO Kevin Roberts. “The federal government has neither authority nor justification for this outrageous intrusion into the personal lives of working Americans. 
“The Biden Administration must be sent a message loud and clear that the American people will not tolerate this kind of overreach. TPPF encourages individuals, business owners, and everyone who believes in fundamental liberties to stand up for your rights, and stand against this authoritarian action by the federal government.
“Make no mistake, this effort to have OSHA force medical decisions upon a supermajority of the American workforce is a test run. If allowed to succeed, there is no facet of American life that the federal government’s administrative apparatus will not seek to reach — and control. Today, Washington, D.C., wishes to force your employer to force you to make a medical decision. Tomorrow, it will try to force your employer to force you to do something else: it could be how you parent, how you worship, what you read, what you say, or what you think.
“There is no limit to their desire for control. That’s why we have to stop them now.”