The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer Kevin Roberts released the following statement ahead of President Biden’s State of the Union Address:

“The first three months of the Biden Administration have been an unquestionable disaster for America and Americans. There are too many policy failures to list, though it is important to highlight the worst—the seemingly overnight crisis the president created at our southern border.

“But by far the biggest lost opportunity was the chance to unite and reassure Americans looking to restore a sense of normalcy as they make their way out of the pandemic. The president continues to promote fear, uncertainty, division, and dependence. It’s as if the lingering roadblocks preventing millions of Americans from getting their lives and livelihoods back on track are an afterthought. His agenda has been a thoughtless reactionary spasm to overturn anything and everything the previous administration accomplished, no matter the ramifications to jobs, public safety, and the Rule of Law.

“Americans are a strong and resilient people, but the state of the union is undoubtedly worse off than it could have been over the last three months. Hopefully, in the next three years the president changes course, rises to the moment, and works with Congress to put the interests of a public still reeling from a pandemic and government-induced economic collapse first.”