The Texas Public Policy Foundation, in coordination with the America First Policy Institute and the Texas State Attorney General’s Office, published public comments regarding the U.S. Department of Education’s latest funding agenda titled “Proposed Priorities: American History and Civics Education.” This agenda would encourage American public schools to indoctrinate students with a partisan, anti-American, racially divisive, and extreme political curriculum that has been thoroughly criticized across the country, particularly in the state of Texas. This agenda, starting with the Proposed Priority #1, would tie Critical Race Theory directly into public education civics programs, essentially functioning as government-sanctioned racism.

“By funding dangerous Critical Race Theory curriculum, which seeks to divide and separate children based on race, the Department of Education will further the myth that some students are worth more than others, just based on the color of their skin,” said TPPF’s Chief Executive Officer Kevin Roberts. “By tying it to civics education- as Priority 1 would do- students would fail to learn American history, instead being taught that they are nothing more than the race to which they were born.”

Click here to read the comment submitted by AFPI, the State of Texas, and TPPF.

Click here to read the comment submitted by AFPI and TPPF.