President Biden’s executive action on climate fails every test, according to experts at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. The new steps are based on faulty or incomplete science and the president is violating long understood principles of constitutional checks and balances.  

“The president’s weak justification for sweeping new rules that will further damage the U.S. economy is that summer is hot,” says Jason Isaac, director of TPPF’s Life Powered initiative. “However, according to the government’s own National Climate Assessment, the frequency and strength of heat waves in the U.S. has actually decreased over the past century. Weather isn’t climate, and a few hot days doesn’t justify an ‘emergency.’ If it makes the president uncomfortable, he should pour himself a large sweet tea and hit the pool.” 

“The executive branch threatening to impose regulations Congress explicitly rejected is exactly the opposite of how our system works,” says John Hostettler, TPPF’s vice president of Federal Affairs for the States Trust initiative. “The president can’t just make his own law because Congress chooses not to act on what he wants to do. That’s the stuff of banana republics and is an outrageous abuse of power.”  

The Texas Public Policy Foundation is currently suing the Biden administration over its hasty approvals of wind farm construction for the Vineyard Wind Farm Project. The project would severely harm the commercial fishing industry in the area and destroy the lives of countless families, as well as create irreparable harm to the environment and ocean wildlife.  

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