This week, the Texas Senate fully passed HB 900, also known as the READER Act. READER, which stands for “Restricting Explicit and Adult-Designated Educational Resources,” would prevent school libraries from providing sexually explicit materials to students.

“Schools should not expose, intentionally or accidentally, students to graphic sexual material,” said Austin Prochko, deputy campaign manager of Next Generation Texas, “HB 900 is a straightforward, conservative way to prevent school libraries from providing sexual material to minors.”

“After more than 18 months of fighting alongside concerned moms and dads throughout Texas, I am proud to say we have passed legislation to halt the sexualization of Texas children through library materials,” said Rep. Jared Patterson (R-Frisco), the author of the act. “Taxpayer money should have never been used to put sexually graphic material in the hands of children. The READER Act puts an end to that and ensures parental rights over the materials accessible by their children.”