The Texas Public Policy Foundation applauds the decision to leave the Title 42 policies in place until the court issues a final decision. The Title 42 policies, which allow for the immediate expulsion of illegal aliens, is an essential tool for Border Patrol agents in limiting the spread of Covid-19 and overcrowding in Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) detention centers.

“We are heartened that the court made the right decision and granted the preliminary injunction,” said Robert Henneke, Executive Director and General Counsel for TPPF. “The court’s order temporarily halts an unlawful—and dangerous—policy reversal that would exacerbate the border crisis and harm the public.  This decision is a win for the rule of law and for communities that are being harmed by the border crisis.”

“The court correctly concluded that CDC jettisoned the statutorily required procedures when it terminated the Title 42 policies,” said Autumn Hamit Patterson, Senior Attorney for TPPF. “This decision is a reminder to agencies that they are not above the law.”

To read the full decision, please go here.