Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation applauds Texas Governor Greg Abbott for taking unprecedented action to defend Texas against the invasion at the Texas-Mexico border, the most dangerous land crossing in the world. The people and communities in Texas have been ravaged by crime, drugs and a humanitarian crisis for long enough. Cartels are bringing record amounts of illegal drugs into Texas, orchestrating human smuggling and sex trafficking, and causing an unprecedented level of violence at the border.

No state should be put in the position Texas has been put through by the federal government’s dereliction of duty. The federal government has neglected its primary and constitutionally assigned responsibility to its citizens- protecting them. Texas has no choice but to lead.

“As the federal government and the Mexican government continue to fail to properly address the issue of the cartels and the violence, drug smuggling, and human trafficking they bring to Texas’ borders, Texas must use all of the resources it has available to keep Texans safe, including declaring an invasion,” said Greg Sindelar, chief executive officer for TPPF. “TPPF has called for such a declaration for Texas to defend itself fully, and we applaud Gov. Abbott for issuing that declaration today.”