Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation and their federal initiative, States Trust, applaud House Republicans’ proposed debt limit legislation, a bold plan that delivers on decades of promises to shrink the government, reform spending, and save taxpayers money.

“We haven’t balanced a budget since 2001. This is a substantive, concrete plan to get our Union’s fiscal house in order,” said former Congressman and Vice President of Federal Affairs John Hostettler. “By bringing to an end the elitist bailout of student loans and the anti-reliable energy environmentalists’ robbing of taxpayers via the renewable energy production tax credit, Congress can shift their focus to the soaring energy costs ravaging working-class families. With summer approaching, Congress must work toward affordable and reliable energy for all Americans.”

“Working families should not be footing the bill for the poor educational choices of others. At a time when more American families are living paycheck to paycheck, the cost to cool your home is rising, and inflation is emptying out Americans’ wallets, it is simply unfair and reckless to ask taxpayers to bail out Ivy League graduates,” said Greg Sindelar, CEO of Texas Public Policy Foundation. “All of this is accomplished by Speaker McCarthy’s plan while putting our nation on a more sustainable budgetary path and saving American taxpayers $4.5 trillion.”