Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) CEO Greg Sindelar welcomed the introduction today of a Senate companion bill to Texas Congressman Chip Roy’s Border Safety and Security Act.

“Like Congressman Chip Roy’s Border Safety and Security Act, Senator Tuberville’s legislation will decisively end the Biden administration’s disastrous catch and release policy which is the principal driver of the out-of-control asylum abuse and illegal immigration we have been witnessing these past two years,” said Sindelar. “The current practice of routinely paroling and releasing into the country each month tens of thousands of illegal aliens and asylum seekers puts the cart before the horse, rewarding and incentivizing illegal behavior.”

“What both the House and now Senate versions of the Border Safety and Security Act do is put real brakes on this crisis, by requiring detention on one side of the border or the other until cases are adjudicated,” he added. “The last administration proved that the United States has the capacity to work with Mexico to establish effective deterrence, such as the Migrant Protection Protocols, which put a halt to the crisis of 2019,” Sindelar added.

In light of the impending end of Title 42, Sindelar urged members of both chambers to move on Tuberville and Roy’s legislation, reminding members of both the House majority and Senate minority that they all previously supported the Migrant Protection Protocols and promised their constituents they would fight for solid solutions to the border crisis.

“An undeniable crisis is raging and resolutions and hearings alone will not bring an end to the horrors we are witnessing on the border and beyond. Both houses should prioritize the solutions being offered by Senator Tuberville and Congressman Roy. I congratulate them both for their leadership on this issue.”